A Servant's Heart vs Self-Centered Fear

What always keeps us from loving and serving others as God does us is self-centered fear. Always. Take away self-centered fear and we become grace-filled Servants to one another and glorify God with our lives.

Our greatest fears are of being hurt and of being taken advantage of. The Garden of Gethsemane and The Cross show us vividly that we do not need to be overcome by selfishness and fear. Jesus sweat blood in the Garden. His struggle was real because The Cross is a very, very hard and painful place. There was nothing comfortable about it. Yet when He asked the Father if there was any other way and the Father's answer was "No, Son, you must go to the Cross if they are to be saved and not eternally separated from us - my Justice demands it", He instantly replied "Yes, Father, I will go. If You say I must go than I can endure the pain of it and I TRUST you to deliver me". If He had one once of self-centered fear in His heart, He would have never obeyed and endured the incomprehensible suffering of The Cross.

Jesus shows us in this inexpressible moment that we CAN take up our crosses and endure them with Grace and Obedience. That we WILL be lifted up and resurrected into new life. That all will work out well and God will be glorified by our obedience to serve rather than be served.

To do this takes nothing more or less than absolute, implicit TRUST in our Heavenly Father; in His Glorious Son; and in His Holy Spirit to give us the Divine Aid we need to obey. As Jesus instantly replied to the Father "I trust you to obey and endure the Cross", so we would, in the absence of self-centered fear, say to Jesus "I trust you to obey and endure the Cross you have given me" - to love and serve my Wife/Husband/Children/Friend Who Betrayed Me/Unlovable Person Who Cut Me Off In Traffic/Homeless Person On The Street...

Yes, Lord, I will trust you to hurt for them and to be taken advantage of when necessary. You, and only You, are trustworthy to deliver me.Type your paragraph here.

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