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Counseling Highlights For a Client With Panic Attacks

There are only two things we need to know about God in order to have perfect peace and joy in all circumstances: 1) God is Sovereign; and 2) God is Good. It is God’s Sovereignty, His absolute control of every molecule of the universe that He created, that allows us to “be anxious for nothing” (Phil. 4:6). It is His Goodness that allows us to have joy, knowing that He only wants the absolute best, most abundant life possible for us. This is the way He created our lives to be in the first place, and His desire for us has not changed.
The cross symbolically represents God’s sense of economy – that we are to live our lives in a vertical posture of worship at all times. If we make that the first priority of our lives, as Jesus told us is the “most important commandment”, then everything in the horizontal (the world) will work out fine. God guarantees it ! “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God (vertical) and these things will be added unto you (horizontal). Isaiah 29: 13 (?) “I will keep in perfect peace he whose mind is steadfast upon Me”.
Anxiety, fear and worry come from the heart sin of Pride – a focus on ourselves instead of God. Pride is putting ME in the place where only God should be. It is, in essence, “playing God”. The ridiculous idea that we have the power, through worry and fear, to change anything. God has ALL the power, which leaves us with NONE! Worrying is tantamount to saying “I don’t trust you, Lord, to take care of this so I must take over and worry about it”. As we repent of Pride, our fear, anxiety and worry evaporates. We must keep Christ Jesus on the throne of our lives, where He belongs, at all times.
Anxiety and panic always comes from a thinking style that catastrophizes and zooms off into the future, which is contrary to God’s Word. Jesus commands to “not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow has enough worries of it’s own” (Matthew 6). 95% of what we worry about never comes true, and because of God’s Sovereignty we do not even have to worry about the bad staff that does occur in our lives because ultimately He has ordained for it to come into our lives. In these cases our faith is tested. We may not understand WHY God has allowed it, but the truth of His Sovereignty demands that He HAS allowed it. If anything random can happen in our lives, then God is not in control (Sovereign). This applies even to Satan, who, as a created being of God’s, remains under His control as illustrated by the first 2 chapters in Job. This means that even the bad staff in our lives has been ordained by God for a higher spiritual purpose that we often will not understand at the time. We can trust Him and His good intentions for our life, even when suffering comes into our lives. Faith is trusting God no matter what!Type your paragraph here.