Lifeline Christian Counseling Center

The Pride Prayer

Dearest Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this day. Thank you for guiding me through all the bumps and bends of each day and for always being there for me.

Dear Lord, you know my past, present and future. You know the depths of my heart and the shallow places too. Please fill each hole in my heart with YOU.

Please forgive me of my selfish pride. Forgive me for reasoning from myself to You instead of from You to me; for limiting, through the portal of myself, Who you really are and Your capacity to love me and ANY other sinner on the planet. Remind me, Lord, that it is not about who I am but only about who You are. You are my righteousness and it is only the finished work of the Cross, that Jesus completed for me, that makes me acceptable to you. Take my pride....I give it to You. Teach me and show me how to die to self, and to replace the selfish pride with only thoughts and longings of you Lord. Permeate my being- please become my ALL. Help me to be who YOU want me to be, not what my flesh wants me to be. Please Lord make me keenly aware of my self-centeredness. I ask that you give me a desire to put YOU first, instead of myself. Etch it on my heart, that You will NEVER leave me or FORSAKE me. Help me to understand that you had to turn your back on your own Son as He hung on the cross, so that you would NEVER turn your back on me.

Lord please take away my longing for love from another person and replace it with a longing for love from YOU.

Lord please replace the pride in me with a peaceful and content heart - full of Your joy, Your pleasure, Your plans, Your love, but most of all a heart totally devoted to YOU.

In Jesus Name I pray-